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spent about 40 minutes tonight mapping out the final strut placement for the engineering -> kbeam corridor (the Kbeam is the cross section ).

Anyway, not 100% sold on the current position, from the screenshots i've found it looks like this section is just 3 straight lengths with the centre one divided by two more struts. But for obvious reasons they never really filmed that section much except in short transition shots to the main "gathering" space that engineering was redressed to be. It's kinda hard to find longer shots. I may re-position the door so that it's on a slight curve as opposed to being flat.

The other problem I'm having is with sickbay. It appears that the door itself is wider then the other doors on the set (at least 1 foot wider), and the "arc" of 5 struts near the door is just completely lopsided, still tweaking, should have the final mockup layout ready in a day or two and I can start detailing.
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