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Ok, another short 40 minute burst (Boy have I had no time this week!), but i've finished the mockup to my general satisfaction at this stage. I've built the remaining arc between the "jaws of life" end and the "k beam" corridor sections. I'm still not 100% happy with sickbay, some of the arcs seem wonky, but there's enough in place that I can get started with proper detailing (most of those sections will need to be re-copy+pasted anyway considering I couldn't instance them due to the varying shapes). I'll have plenty of time to tweak them down the line. I've also suck with the sickbay door being a foot wider then the rest of the doors on that corridor, there is simply no denying that it's larger. Not much I can do about that. But the rest of them, save the jaws and double-doors are all definitely 3 feet. Though the two opposite the Kbeam in that turbolift alcove are taller then the rest.

I'm going to start detailling properly now, I'll be pulling colour swatches from episode screenshots (TV series first, maybe generations later) and adding the rest of the detail to the sections now... Not to mention tackle those jaws-of-life doors.

Also thinking into how to light and texture this thing. I'm thinking the best approach would be to use proceedural textures where possible (may not be able to do a convincing carpet though) and then use masks for details like labels and decals. Anything I can't physically model would end up being an image mask over a proceedural.

As for lighting, well in Lightwave, i'd have used area lights or directional lights (depending on the area, possibly even a spotlight with a wide radius and a soft diffusion), but I've been told that Maya's Ambient Occlusion will do the job really well and reduce render time. Oh well, will start doing render tests when I get the details on
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