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I wish I could say i did more today, but not really. Just started bevelling edges on the doors and struts, I did some basic colour sampling to help me get started sorting out the lighting, and i laid out a very basic ambient lighting setup on the roof. Once I can get the texturing right on the segments I'll focus on the AO.

As tnpir and seanr have mentioned in the past, the TNG sets were not the most effectively well lit, always relying on key lighting to get them looking right for shooting (uneven lighting locations), hence why they appeared to look different from episode to episode as new directors came on (Subtle but noticable).

Still having troubles getting the shader problem resolved on those door edges, but oh well.

I'm also not sure whether to increase the polycount on the struts, I've got 10 divisions, it seems ok but they may not hold up in closer up shots so i'll probably increase their divisions.

For those curious as to what detail is remaining in this area (considering that TNG sets were rather sparse) there is the fixed "roof" light panel in the far alcove, there's a number of black stripes, and the pattern around the holodeck door frame needs to be added. Otherwise, this area just needs to be painted properly (to look like painted wood :S) and it'll be done.

I also need to figure out the better way to do the lighting. Whether I create translucent panels and throw the area lights behind them, or create a fake translucency texture and put the light in front.
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