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Read Before Posting - Use of WIP and Final Art

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  • Read Before Posting - Use of WIP and Final Art

    Before posting to this section "Art/3D Stills" please read this; it will save you a lot of trouble and heartburn.

    This section is for work that you consider done and final. Posting your work here and then continuing to update it means the image was not done and is still a WIP.

    The WIP is a safe zone for posting works in progress regardless of their nature, I.E.; 3D Still, model or animation. When you post to this section members expect the work is done and will comment on it as if it is.

    Those who know this site know we are all about encouraging members to explore new ideas and to grow and expand their skills. We also understand everyone is at a different level and some work may not stand up to high standards. Our concern is that you have done the best you know how to do and that you have a willing desire to continue learning. With that it should be noted that members will shy away from those who reject valid comment so it is in your best interest to use the WIP for learning and this section for posting your best. It will save you tons of heartache.

    As for those commenting our reminder to you is to keep it non-personal and if you provide feedback you should also be prepared to suggest ways to improve the work. For example, it does little or no good to tell someone their composition sucks without explaining how it can be improved.

    As of this announcement, if an image goes back to the drawing board it will be moved to the WIP, no if's and's or but's. This is to protect both artist and those providing feedback.

    If you want to leave the image and do a Redux then start a new thread in the WIP and continue working on the image. When done you can post a new thread here including the "Redux" in the title when you've completed reworking the image.
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