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    This is already a very old picture. But I can't find it here in the Forum so I assume I made it after I got problems with using the forum.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2248_v2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	1.09 MB ID:	605270
    "This is the President.
    I've just been informed that our mid range military bases at Beta Durani and Proxima III have fallen to the Minbari advance. We've lost contact with our bases at Io and must conclude that they too have fallen to an advanced force.
    Our military intelligence believes that the Minbari intend to bypass Mars and attack Earth directly, and the attack may come at any time.
    We continue to broadcast our surrender and a plea for mercy. They have not responded. We can therefore only conclude that we stand at the twilight of the human race.
    In order to buy more time for our evacuation transports to leave Earth, we ask for the support of every ship capable of fighting to take part in a last defence of our homeworld. We will not lie to you. We do not believe that survival is a possibility. We believe that anyone who joins this battle, will never come home. But, for every ten minutes, we can delay the military advance, several hundred more civilians may have a chance to escape to neutral territory. Though Earth may fall, the human race must have a chance to continue elsewhere.
    No greater sacrifice has ever been asked of a people but I ask you now, to step forward one last time, one last battle to hold the line against the night.

    May God go with you all."

    -Earth Alliance President Elizabeth Levy
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    Fantastic! Can't have too much of Mumbari filled rage and grief!
    “My sword and my service are yours.”

    “Then forever remind him of his vow, Knight of the Old Code.”


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      That is moody sweetness!
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